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How do I find my perfect single size mattress?

So, the kids’ mattress that was there since before you got married needs replacing? And you are looking for a single size Irish mattress that will do the job. But what should you consider when choosing a single size mattress?

Firstly, make sure that you know the size of your current single size bed frame or base, because single size mattresses are available in Imperial (Irish made) or Continental (foreign made) mattress sizes. Most Irish mattress showrooms will sell single mattresses in Imperial measurements which are 3 feet wide by 6 foot 3 inches long. And once you know the size of your bed base – you can go shopping.

The second important factor in choosing a single mattress is budget. The link between mattress quality and sleep comfort and the price you pay is the same link you see for any product. The higher the budget, the better made, more comfortable and longer lasting the mattress. Cheaper mattresses need to use less material or cheaper material to hit a cheap price. Typically, this means the mattress comfort layers are made of fiber polyester. This is the same filling used in pillows. The trouble with this filling material in mattress products, is that it flattens quickly, especially when exposed to moisture and body weight. It might look great on the showroom floor – but it quickly loses its loft and disappoints. The spring unit will also typically be made of the cheaper open coil spring type – which does not conform comfortably to the body. The open coil spring, of sufficient gauge, however, can be comfortable to people looking for a firm feeling single mattress.

The third important factor in choosing a single mattress is specification. Mattress quality and comfort are linked to the mattress specifications. For example, rather than cheap fibre or polyester – a quality single mattress will use comfortable and breathable foam or natural fillings to provide cushioning comfort. These fillings provide longer lasting comfort and shape keeping for the sleeper. The fabric of the mattress is important too – cheap fabric degrades quickly, it can discolour or even shred as moisture and body movement wear the fabric down.  So, a quality fabric helps the mattress to work in the long term. Springs are also important – today’s modern Pocket springs provide both bounce and conformity – meaning they contour your body shape to help relieve uncomfortable pressure. Pocket springs are more expensive but also considered more comfortable than cheaper open coil springs. Another important factor in terms of specification is the mattress weight – if mattress A and B both claim to have the same specification, they should weigh approximately the same. If one of the two mattresses is a lot lighter – this suggests the specification is either wrong or that the materials inside are skimpy.

Finally, be sure when you chose a new single size mattress that the product is safe. Irish made mattresses must conform to fire regulation standards and manufacturer fillings are audited to ensure conformance. The same cannot always be said of imported mattresses, especially from countries like Turkey and China, where standards of fire safety are more lax. The best single mattress products will also be free of harmful chemicals in the foam fillings – look out for a badge of certifications such as the “CertiPur” symbol which proves the foam fillings do not contain harmful chemicals. Also, look out for products with the National Bed Federation logo as these companies are audited for ethical and quality manufacturing by the National Bed Federation. Finally, chose Irish made, simply because any after sales issues can be handled quickly and easily locally. And of course, the Irish bed making industry employs many thousands both directly and indirectly in the supply chain.

If you still have more questions on how to choose the perfect single size mattress. Please contact us today.

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