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Extended Life Range

Better built for people of all sizes

Extended Life Plus 1600

Powerful performance, with a long life luxury turnable Topper, packed with pocket springs for boosted comfort

Extended Life Excel 1400

Powerful support, boosted with a turnable topper comfort and longer life performance

Extended Life Pocket 1200

Fabulously firm feeling with powerful pocket spring comfort

Extended Life Open Coil

Fabulously firm feeling with powerful long life performance

Spinal Range

The back support system

Spinal Therapy 1800

Top Lifestyle Choice model. Where support and luxury combine. Chiropractor back support, with luxurious turnable Topper comfort.

Spinal Pocket Pillow Top

Our top seller for years. Packed with pocket springs, Chiropractor approved back support and Pillow top luxury.

Spinal Pocket Visco 1400 c/w topper

Chiropractor approved back support, with detachable comfort Topper and pressure less Visco elastic.

Spinal Pocket Visco Tufted

Chiropractor approved back care. With the pressure relieving benefits of Visco elastic.

Spinal Support Pocket 1200

Chiropractor approved back care. With a gentle pocket spring bounce.

Spinal Guard

The original and still one of the best. Fantastic firm feeling. Chiropractor approved.

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